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Muktar SayedSaleh
Senior Software Engineer

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Welcome to my online resume, my name is Muktar, I am a 31 years old software engineer, and a father of two kids (Furat & Omar).
My journey with software development has started since my early childhood at the age of 12, at that time I was curiously asking myself: How can I make a computer program? starting from that day and until today where I am the engineering manager at GoQuo Malaysia, and the founder & CEO of Monjz Inc., I am still looking for the best answer of my childhood question.
I have a bachelor's degree in computer & informatics engineering from SIUST, and a master's degree in web technologies from SVU.
I have written dozens of software applications for most of platforms and environments before focusing in my last 10+ years on the web field.
I have worked for many years directly with my clients during my freelance work, or indirectly while working in companies where I've played most of the roles that software engineers typically play from the base of pyramid as a junior developer up to its summit as a CEO.
It would be my pleasure to work with you if you decided to hire me.


My Skills Values

  • Cloud Computing

    • 94%
  • Programming Languages

    • 95%
  • Full-Stack Capabilities

    • 98%
    • 85%
    • 75%
    • 90%
    • 85%
  • DevOps

    • 90%
    • 90%
    • 96%
    • 95%
  • Databases

    • 90%
    • 82%
    • 70%
  • Other Skills

    • 99%
    • 95%
    • 99%
    • 99%

17+ Years Experience

December 2019 - PresentMonjz, Inc.
CEO & Founder


Novermber 2019 - PresentGoQuo sdn bhd
Engineering manager

  • Taking the technical ownership of all the different aspects of “Travlytix” platform which includes: data engineering, application’s backend, application’s frontend, and DevOps.
  • Leading a team of 8 engineers (3 data engineers, 3 backend developers and 2 frontend developers), and providing technical guidance and coaching to them, in addition to conduct code reviews.
  • Setting up engineering practices and strategies for engineering team (for example: git flow, code review, deployment process, and pair programming ..etc.) and implementing automation on all parts that can be automated.
  • Working with the product owner as a middle-management layer between engineers and top management where we get the organization’s strategic goals from top management and plan it properly then delegating it to engineers to implement it while helping and coaching them on a daily basis.
  • Taking people management responsibilities of the engineering team (Reporting, One-On-One, Appraisals, and etc.).

April 2018 - October sdn. bhd. - SEEK Asia
Senior Full Stack Engineer

  • Designing & Implementing new microservices for hirer domain systems in order to decouple legacy monolith systems and as a strategy to consolidate two brands iteratively, with shorter lead time.
  • Part of “The Global Platform” team to plan & design & implement future unified platform for all SEEK brands (JobStreet & JobsDB & Seek AU ..etc.).
  • Implementing new solution for hirer domain schedule tasks runner (BTR) for better monitoring using Jenkins & custom DSL generator script to automate the migration.
  • Contribute in planning and leading cloud migration initiative, by providing alternative patterns of migrating legacy systems that can’t be migrated using lift and shift pattern.
  • Design & implement new feature of the systems of hirer domain (SiVA RC, SiVA 11, PAPI, JAPI).
  • Dockerizing most of hirer domain systems (SiVA RC, PAPI) for more friendly development environment.
  • Working with team to support existing platform customers (Hirers mainly).

December 2015 - March 2018Tigerlab Sdn. Bhd.
Senior Web Developer

    Designing and implementing most of the complex features of Tigerlab’s main product (Insurance Solution) using Python Django including:
    • RESTful APIs.
    • Data migration tools & scripts to help new clients moving their existing data from old systems into ours.
    • Mobile claim processing feature.
    • Bulk policies uploading feature.
    • Salesforce CRM integration.
    • Monthly bordereau generator.
    • Motor insurance process.
    • Item Insurance process.
    • Wallet insurance process.
    • Cashless PA insurance process.
    • CSV, PDF, XML, JSON exporting features.
    • CMS Features.
    • Documentation & application support features.
    • Insurance system unit tests.
  • Working with team to support multiple Malaysian and overseas clients of Tigerlab’s Insurance system.
  • Working with team to setup and administrate Tigerlab’s cloud-based infrastructure using AWS.

April 2015 - November 2015TwitterJaya Sdn. Bhd.
Senior Web Developer

  • Analyzing and implementing most of new web apps and websites for company customers using most of web stack technologies (PHP, Parse, Meteor JS, ASP.NET, Node.js ... etc.).
  • Working with team to enhance existing platforms for company (internal projects like TwitterJaya Citizens and Eligo Platform) using PHP frameworks like Codeigniter and Laravel.
  • Helping with front-end development for most of the new campaign for company clients (like Domino’s pizza, ITC university, Axiata Group ..etc.)
  • Scrum master.


  • Analyzing, Designing, and implementing all S.I.S.T. e-payment systems for kiosk machines from both client side and server side that is listed below:
    • The main S.I.S.T. e-payment system of kiosk machines and its integration with the third party APIs and web services – I used ASP.NET with SQL Server data base in server side with the XML related languages for parsing APIs responses and used C# in client side as a container of a web GUI to give JavaScript of UI the ability to deal with kiosk machine hardware using COM+ technology.
    • S.I.S.T. kiosk machines monitoring system in order to monitor the hardware and software status of every single kiosk machine remotely – I used .NET framework TCP/IP and Socket in client side and in server side and integrate it with the previous mentioned e-payment system.
    • S.I.S.T. reporting systems in order to be able to generate requested reports and statistics every month, automatic matching with banks daily reports, and in order to supply the management with the needed reports and statistics about the project with giving management the ability to export system reports as excel files – I used ASP.NET and SQL Server data base for this project.
    • S.IS.T. advertisements manager system which allow the team to publish and manage advertisements of kiosk machines which are playing on the additional screen of kiosk machine (each kiosk comes with two screen one used for e-payment system and the other for advertisements) – I used .NET framework TCP/IP for communication between server and client and used HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript to develop the client side viewer.
  • Recruitment and training all members of technical staff of e-payment project and oversee the technical work.
  • My administrative responsibilities assigned later to an Administrative IT Manager in order to keep me focusing in the technical side of the project.

2011-2013Ajram Tech.
Senior Web Developer

  • Working with team members to analyze and design the required systems and applications and their databases.
  • Working with mobile developing team to develop cross-platform mobile applications using Cordova PhoneGap framework.
  • Extending PHP CodeIgniter framework in order to give it the ability of auto generating of CRUD pages of well-known data base table in order to speed the work.
  • Giving the existing web apps the ability to get benefit from social media APIs – I have worked with Facebook APIs, Twitter APIs, Linkedin APIs, and Instagram APIs.
  • Working with web designers to develop new front-end UIs and enhance existing UIs with AJAX capabilities.
  • Working with web designers to give the existing web apps responsive web design – I used jQuery mobile and Bootstrap and Yahoo UI framework.
  • Writing the back-end code files for each most of the systems which team have analyzed before.
  • Research and development of the big data related systems.
  • Doing research about XML native databases and the ability of moving Ajram-Tech. systems into Sedna XML-native database.

2002 - 2011 Self-employed
Freelance developer

  • Implementing all projects that are listed on "Projects" section with implementation date before 2012 as below:
    • Many of ERP systems using vb6 and access database (like Pharmacy 2007).
    • Many of ERP systems using .NET framework and SQL Server database (like Al-Muktar car rental system).
    • Network management system using VB6 Socket / TCP (Al-Muktar network management system).
    • 1st compiler in the world for Arabic poetry which can be used to converting the written Arabic sentences into its spoken case using linguistic methods (Al-Faraheedy project).
    • 1st automatic diacritization system for Arabic language in the world using linguistic and statistical methods (Al-Du2alee project).
  • Publishing many of these systems for free in the open source community (mentioned later in projects section).
  • Writing and translating many technical articles about VB6 and .NET framework and publishing it in the Arabic forums since 2002 (member of Arab team 2000 forum since 2002 and member of vb4arab forum since 2003).

Educational Value


Bachelor of computer engineering & informatics


Master of web technologies


Hobbies & Interest

Web Research
Creative writing (Poetry, novel, theater)


Please checkout my portfolio at my Monjz profile!

Important note: Monjz itself is one of my portfolio items since I've written every single line of its source code.

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